Request for quotation (RfQ)


The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD or bank) is supporting the Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry (MMHI) of Mongolia and the Mineral Resources and Petroleum Authority of Mongolia (MRPAM) to establish an integrated National Geoscience Database (NGDB).  This integrated database will provide easy and rapid searching and access to the MRPAM data and digital archive holdings.

EBRD has started implementation of the “Mongolia – Transparency in Extractives – National Geoscience Database” project. This project is implemented by Adam Smith International during the period of January, 2019-June, 2021. The NGDB project aims to contribute to an increased accessibility, volume and spatial coverage of geoscientific data, in order to attract investment in the sector.

The NGDB project is planning to purchase a robotic book and brochure scanning system for the Mineral Resources Information Technology Center (MRITC) of MRPAM. This system shall help to establish a digital library for geoscientific documents and maps currently held at the Geological Archive of MRITC in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The paper documents stored at the archive have been collected over the past 90 years and include texts, tables, graphics, photos and maps, in total several hundred thousands of pages.

Technical specifications:

  • Capability to scan books and reports with different kinds of binding, including older (sometimes aged and worn) documents, with hard and soft covers
  • Automatic page turning and page split
  • Minimum 300 dpi resolution for b/w, greyscale and colour
  • Page format / scanning area at least 30 x 25 cm
  • Storage formats: at least PDF, PNG and JPG
  • Single scan option i.e. for folded maps
  • Minimum performance 1000 pages / hour
  • Password protection
  • Storage at least 500 Gb
  • Network connectivity
  • Independence from ambient light
  • Control system (i.e. PC) with monitor for quality control
  • Distortion free scans, automatic scan to page margin
  • Preferably: automatic recognition and distinct treatment of text and image pages
  • Comprehensive software bundle including the following functionality:
    • Scanner operation and custom settings
    • Integrated OCR (PDF/A) supporting at least Mongolian, English, Russian scripts; preferably with dictionary support, no page limitations
    • Metadata handling at least for PDF format scans
    • Page / document merging
    • Work tracking
    • File optimization/compression

Required services: Installation, operational training, warrantee, maintenance, on-site service provision

Delivery and installation date: June-Sep, 2019

Requirements for the Quotation:

Interested entities are invited to submit a quotation in which they outline their relevant technical, commercial capability and experience in English. The Quotation should include:

  • A brief introduction on the entity/company that includes the number of years in operation, annual turnover and staff size (2-4 pages)
  • A detailed corporate track record, with relevant experience in supplying robotic scanning solutions (similar models) over the past 3 years
  • CVs of proposed key technical staff for the services
  • Evidence to show its ability to perform the obligations of maintenance, repair and provision of spare parts when needed
  • An estimated cost of the robotic scanning solution and other technical and guarantees considerations, including costs of frequently required spare parts. Quotation must be in Euro and may include suggested additional options (quoted separately)
  • The above information should not exceed 20 pages excluding CVs

The complete quotation documents should be submitted to in English.                             

The deadline for submission is 18:00 PM, 30 May, 2019, Ulaanbaatar time (GMT + 8).

Quotations received after this date will not be considered and only short-listed entities will be contacted.